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Our family owned business provides quality roofing repairs, replacements and installations. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled transparency through every step of your roofing project.

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Roofing Company Arlington WA

Professional Local Roofers

Letting strangers work on your roof takes a lot of trust. At Robinson Roofing, our top priority is earning and maintaining that trust. As a local, family-owned business, we take a lot of pride in our work. It’s very important to us that homeowners understand exactly what we’re doing on their roof. We want to keep you involved in the process the whole way through. Many homeowners come to realize how important their roof is to their home when problems arise, and how important it is to find a company that they can trust to work on their roof in order to have a lasting and reliable roof for decades.

The team at Robinson Roofing strives to make the whole process easier for you through transparency. Robinson Roofing stands for quality, and we are constantly innovating ways to best communicate and demonstrate our work.  Our clients are our neighbors, and we treat their homes the way we want our own homes to be treated. We keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

True Transparency

“When it comes to your home, what matters most is receiving the quality work and great materials that you expect. Robinson Roofing sets the standards above all expectations and is delivered to you from the time we first meet through completion of your roofing project.”

– Craig Robinson, Owner

Best Residential Roof Repair

A leaky roof isn’t just annoying; even the smallest leak can quickly spiral out of control and lead to costly structural damage if left unattended. Unfortunately, it’s hard to identify this damage if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To get a clear picture of what’s going on, you need a trustworthy roofing crew to tell you in detail. We offer free roof inspections and honest, no-pressure estimates to make sure you know exactly what the problem is.

Roof Repair Arlington Wa

Thank You to Our Veterans

Robinson Roofing is honored to give back to the brave individuals who have served our nation. To thank our veterans for their service and commitment, we offer them a $500 discount on roof replacement services, in addition to the $250 rebate provided by GAF’s “Roofs for Troops” program.

Steep and Flat Roof Replacement

Sometimes replacing your roof is a more cost-effective option. An average roof in the Pacific Northwest lasts between 15 and 25 years. It’s important that you can trust your roofing team to be honest about the extent of repairs you need. To help you understand what warrants a complete roofing replacement, here is a brief list of signs:

  • Granules shedding from asphalt shingles. Even the most high-quality roof shingles will break down over time. If this is happening to your roof, you will most likely notice loose granules in your gutters or bald patches on your shingles. This means the shingles can’t properly protect your roof anymore. It’s a reliable indication that your current roofing needs to be replaced.
  • Missing and or broken shingles. Missing shingles are a fairly obvious sign of roof damage, but they don’t necessarily mean you need a full replacement; you might just need a patch job. Also look for broken or curling shingles; these can compromise your roof and let water into your home.
  • Active leaks. If you notice water damage in your attic or dripping down your walls, it’s a pretty sure sign that your roof needs some attention — but it still may not mean a full replacement is necessary.

If you’re experiencing granule loss, give us a call as soon as you can. If you notice any combination of leaks or damaged shingles, call us in for an evaluation. We’ll let you know what your roof needs and offer you a no-pressure estimate for the repair work.

Helping to Keep Your Investment Affordable

We are proud to offer financing options on all roof replacement services. Discounts or rebates are also available for customers who refer a friend for replacement services. A new roof is a big investment, and we want to make it as easy as possible to pay for it.

Sturdy and Reliable Residential Roof Installation

At Robinson Roofing, we’re proud to be family-named, family-owned, and family-operated. Because we’re a small business, our friendly roofing specialists can give every client the personalized service they deserve. And because we’re BBB-accredited and GAF-certified, you know you’re hiring a skilled team of expert roofers. Whether you need a minor patch job or a complete roof replacement, you can count on us.

We also do our part to support our nation’s veterans. We offer a $500 discount on roof replacement services to military veterans to thank you for your service — on top of the rebate provided by GAF. We also offer financing to all qualified customers, and rebates for referrals. The most important thing to us is that every client receives high-quality roofing done with great workmanship.

Roofing services don’t have to be a hassle. Don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’ll set you up with a free roof estimate right away.

Roof Repair Arlington WA
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Robinson Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing In Arlington, WA

What are the best roofing materials for extreme weather conditions?
The specific weather conditions in your area will determine the best roofing material. A metal roof is a good option for areas that experience high winds and heavy rain. A reflective tile or metal roof can be a good choice for areas that experience extreme heat and sun. To determine the right material for your area, it is best to consult a professional roofing contractor. Give us a call, and we can talk about what services your roof may need (360) 548-6981. Robinson Roofing knows all your roofing needs. We are located in the Arlington, WA area.
How do I choose a reputable roofing contractor?
It can be hard to find a reliable roofing contractor. Ask friends and family for recommendations, read online reviews and ensure that the contractor has a great reputation. Give us a call, and we can talk about what services your roof may need (360) 548-6981. Robinson Roofing knows all your roofing needs. We are located in the Arlington, WA area.
What are the necessary permits and inspections required for roof installation?
The requirements for inspections and permits required to install a roof vary depending on where you live. To determine your specific requirements, it is best to contact your local building department. Give us a call, and we can talk about what services your roof may need (360) 548-6981. Robinson Roofing knows all your roofing needs. We are located in the Arlington, WA area.

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Our Team At Robinson Roofing Is Proud To Be A Locally-Owned Roofing Company In Arlington, WA

Robinson Roofing is more than just a roofing company; it’s a local and family-owned business that has been serving the Arlington, WA community for generations. With deep ties to the area, we understand the unique roofing needs of homeowners and businesses in the region. Located in the heart of Arlington, Robinson Roofing takes great pride in contributing to the preservation and maintenance of the city’s diverse architecture. Whether you have a suburban house, a rustic cabin, or a commercial property, we have experience in handling various roofing projects with exceptional skill and expertise.

As a company deeply ingrained in the local community, Robinson Roofing takes an active interest in supporting and promoting nearby attractions. Just a stone’s throw away from the famed Outback Kangaroo Farm; they revel in the opportunity to protect homes and businesses that provide a glimpse into the wonders of the Australian outback. Additionally, with their commitment to quality craftsmanship by partnering with top manufacturers like GAF, Robinson Roofing ensures that residences and businesses near the Angel of the Winds Casino remain shielded from the unpredictable Washington weather, allowing visitors to enjoy the casino’s entertainment without worry. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Gissberg Twin Lakes, Arlington residents understand the importance of preserving their scenic landscapes. Robinson Roofing shares this sentiment and focuses on sustainable roofing solutions that complement the area’s aesthetic appeal.

For the Arlington community, Robinson Roofing is not just a roofing service but a reliable neighbor dedicated to safeguarding their homes and businesses. Through their exceptional workmanship and strong local ties, Robinson Roofing has become an integral part of Arlington’s vibrant and thriving community. Directions to Robinson Roofing

Your Search For A Local Roofing Company Near Me Is Over

Robinson Roofing is a trusted and family-owned roofing company based in Arlington, WA, dedicated to providing top-notch roof repairs, replacements, and installations for both residential and commercial properties. With decades of local experience, they have earned a reputation for excellence and reliability. Located conveniently within the community, Robinson Roofing is just a short distance away from essential bus stops like Arlington Park & Ride Bay 1, Smokey Point Blvd & 183rd Pl NE, and 172nd St NE & Smokey Point Blvd. This strategic proximity allows them to promptly respond to roofing emergencies and urgent repair needs, ensuring that customers’ roofs are safeguarded no matter the situation.

Whether it’s a minor leak repair or a complete roof overhaul, Robinson Roofing’s team of skilled professionals is well-equipped to handle any roofing project with efficiency and precision. They prioritize customer satisfaction, providing personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements and budget. For home and business owners in Arlington, Robinson Roofing is the go-to roofing partner, offering not only unparalleled craftsmanship but also local expertise. They understand the specific weather challenges faced by properties in the region and utilize the highest quality materials to withstand the elements and prolong the life of each roof they work on.

By choosing Robinson Roofing, customers receive not only exceptional service but also the peace of mind that comes with supporting a local business that genuinely cares about the community it serves. For all roofing needs, whether it’s at the heart of Arlington or nearby bus stops, Robinson Roofing stands ready to provide reliable and professional assistance. Transit Directions to Robinson Roofing

We Provide Reliable Roofing Services For Homeowners In Many Neighborhoods Throughout Arlington, WA, Including:

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Read Some Of The Reviews From Our Happy Customers

“We had to have our roof replaced and Craig came out and did an extensive review of damages, took pictures and made us very comfortable with what needed to be done. He also let us know when things that were hidden cropped up and charged us a fair price to fix those unknowns. He has a wonderful attitude and it is reflected in his team. They performed flawlessly and the site was cleaned every day for the three days it took to do the job. I would recommend Robinson Roofing in a heartbeat – hard to find such honest, caring contractors in this day and age! Thanks, Craig!!” -Rick S.

“Craig communicated clearly throughout the process, quote to completion. His team was efficient, respectful and committed to the project. Highly recommend this company for roofing needs.” -Brandi C.
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“Outstanding service by Craig from start to finish. The quote was very thorough, explaining what I needed and why. He was able to answer all questions that I had and provided extensive info on the products to be used.

Although work was delayed a day by the weather, the crew dropped the roofing material off as scheduled. The crew came in at the time I was told they would be here and got right to work. Craig stopped by several times to check on progress. The crew was very efficient, working fast but also making sure everything was done properly. The entire roof was completed in a single day, which was amazing.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Robinson Roofing to anyone. I believe you will know exactly what you are getting and will be happy with the final result.” -Doug H.
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Our Team Of Contractors Provides A Wide Range Of Roofing Services, Including:

  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roofing Company

About Arlington, WA

Welcome to Arlington, WA, a charming city nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. With its idyllic landscapes and a strong sense of community, Arlington offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Nature lovers will be enthralled by Arlington’s breathtaking surroundings. Surrounded by majestic mountains, verdant forests, and pristine rivers, the city is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking and biking trails that wind through the Cascade Range to fishing and boating opportunities on the Stillaguamish River, there’s no shortage of ways to connect with nature.

Arlington’s historic downtown exudes small-town charm, featuring a variety of quaint shops, locally-owned eateries, and friendly faces. The community comes together for frequent events and festivals, celebrating the area’s rich heritage and fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

For history buffs, a visit to the Arlington Historical Museum is a must. The museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that highlight the city’s past, providing a glimpse into the region’s development over the years.

The city’s dedication to education is evident in its excellent school system, ensuring that young residents receive the best possible start in life. Arlington is also home to vibrant arts and cultural scenes, with galleries and theaters showcasing the talents of local artists.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a tight-knit community to call home, Arlington, WA, offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and friendly spirit. Come and experience the warmth and wonder of this enchanting city in the Pacific Northwest.

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