How Much Is My Project Going To Cost?
This might be the number one question going through your mind once you have decided that you need to replace your roof. The answer needs to come after an evaluation of your home and roof. There are many factors that determine the cost such as your desired style, size of the roof, pitch of the roof, ventilation etc. We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate to replace your roof based on your desires and our recommendations.
How Long Does The Process Take?
An average roofing job, from start to finish, takes three days or less.
Can You Add Skylights?
Absolutely. Another popular option to add natural lighting are Sun Tunnel skylights.
Do I Need To Be Around While You Do The Work?
We would prefer you are present during the project, or available by phone and that you remain in the local area for the duration of the project.
How Can We Pay For Your Service?
Personal checks are best.
Are You Licensed, Bonded And Insured?
Yes, yes and yes. We will send you our documents when we schedule an estimate appointment.
Where Will You Put Your Dumpster/ Dump Trailer/ Dump Truck?
We will place the containers as close to the house as possible.
What Happens If We Need To Change Something About The Contract While You Are In The Middle Of The Project?
Changes can occur. If we need to change what we are doing, or simply how much, we will notify you of the proposed changes and get your go ahead before moving forward.
What If I Want To Install Solar?
No problem, we can plan for this. Our recommendation is to contact a solar contractor prior to having us out for an estimate. They will do a feasibility study, and provide you with a plan for where the panels will be installed.
Do You Re-Use Any Old Components Of The Roof?
No, with the only exception being some skylights or burner/gas vents.
How Do You Plan For Weather Conditions?
Your project start date is weather dependent. We assume that rain is coming every night, even if the forecast does not. Everything we open in a day we must close and dry-in before we leave that evening. This means that it is possible for us to be on site until night fall.
Can I Get A Discount For My Roof?
Absolutely! There are a few ways to save some money on your project. The first is by referring us to others that need their roof replaced. We can discount your project, or send you money as a rebate. The second discount offered is for military veterans. Roofs For Troops is a rebate from GAF. We will help you with the easy paperwork needed for this rebate.