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Don’t Sign The Contract If They Don’t Have This Form

When taking on a substantial project like replacing your roof, sometimes it can be tough to decide who to hire and why. You should start by interviewing at least three roofing contractors. Most homeowners find it best to write down some questions to ask each. Your decision can come down to who you like the best, however, if they don’t have this document, dismiss them immediately. So question one should be; do you have the Disclosure Statement for me?

Blog Image Disclosure Statement

This document is a Disclosure Statement Notice to Customers from the Department of Labor and Industries here in Washington State. This document helps protect you, the consumer, and the contractor. If a company you are considering hiring does not have this document, you should not hire them. This document is a claim to be in good standing with registration in the state of Washington, and that a bond is in place to make a claim against the contractor for incomplete or poor work.  Read the notice carefully. Follow the guidelines that it provides to you as a consumer.  Always withhold a percentage of the cost to the entire contract. You have a right to do that, and you should. Never give full payment up front for any contracting work. Also know, that if the contractor is not paid for the work performed, they have the right to lien your property. Finally, know that you are obligated to receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement that you sign.

This Disclosure Statement Notice to Customers should be available on every estimate you receive, or, at the very least, before signing the contract and a deposit is given to that contractor. If the contractor does not have this document for you, do not sign the contract! Move on to a contractor that does have this document.

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Don’t Sign The Contract If They Don’t Have This Form

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